Age of Worms

Demon, corrupt mayor, and new found friend and ally

The group makes their way out of the temple to find the way barred by the Ebon Aspect, demon of the three evil gods. After dispatching the outsider, they reconstruct the elevator and meet with Allustan. They plan to travel with Allustan to protect him to the Baron Criam’s Hold to meet with one of his old mage friends.

They decide to inform the Mayor of Daggerford of the evils of Balabar Smenk and Ragnolin. The meeting doesn’t go as planned, and they feel the Mayor is evil and in league with the evil mine managers. They find out that there is a large bounty on their heads and they leave town immediately with Allustan. They travel to Baron Criam’s Hold only to find it under siege from the lizardfolk from the Lizard’s Marsh. Allustan uses his teleportation scroll to return to Daggerford for reinforcements as the group decides how to proceed with this new revelation.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4: (Audio only, video was corrupted)



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