Human Paladin


I follow in service of Ragathiel, vowing to slay the evil that lay wastes to the pure and good.

Willing to do whatever it takes to spread the vengeance of wrong doing that goes on in the world. Any opportunity to gain ranks in power to carry out my gods will while struggling to stay lawful in practices.

One day I hope of creating my own army and being able dive into the nine hells like my god Ragathiel fighting the demons and evils face to face.

From an early childhood I saw just how corrupt and evil men were. Taken hold by the demonic presences that lay throughout civilization. In the shadows, evil wizards, corrupt politicians and a mother who had to make ends meet by way of prostitution because the business she ran was being strong armed by the local tax collector. The option of being on the street with child seemed worse.

One day she was murdered by one of the men she bedded with. Left alone, a Paladin of Ragathiel came and picked me off the street. Aided me in my time of need taking pity of my situation.

After training me and showing me the true power of what lies within myself, and teaching me the ways of being a Paladin of Ragathiel, I parted ways after turning of age. Vowing to carry on the wandering and fighting off evil across the lands.


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