Age of Worms

Return to Old Observatory and Filge
Episode 5

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Pat 5

Arrithis and Tanner separated from the group
Episode 4

Tanner and Arrithis meet up at the location in the morning to find no other party members from The Vigilantes present. They decide to talk with Allustan, (town senior mage) to talk about their treasures they had found in the cairn and caves. They meet with Allustan outside his home and over tea, they discuss the orange drake liquid and stones. They then stumble into talking about the cairn and Allustan shows great interest in what they are talking about. He shares knowledge of the cairn and history that is known. Arrithis decides to show him the incarcerated rock elemental that they have and after a humerous interaction, Tanner and Arrithis decide to let him go, where Artophanx buries himself into the earth.

Tanner and Arrithis state they will talk with Allustan again, depending on what they find in their adventures and decide to return to the cave of orange rocks to harvest more rocks to sell. While in the cave and collecting rocks, several holes open in the ceiling and giant ants and stirges burst from the openings. Arrithis again, heads to the low ground and takes on a swarm giant ants. A stirge quickly attaches to Arrithis and sucks his blood, but is dispatched by Arrithis’ sword. The battle rages with Arrithis in the middle of the ants and Tanner on the high ground using his god’s will to assist Arrithis in his battles. As the battle continues more ants drop down and attack the two. When things start to look hopeless and Tanner is running out spells, he jumps down and joins Arrithis in the scrum. Eventually, they destroy the ants and decide to climb up the hole that the ants came out of. They enter a cavern of caves and quickly dispatch an Ankleg and scorpions.

As they continue to explore the area, they stumble into rooms that were carved out by intelligent beings. While exploring the area, they are ambushed by grimlocks wearing holy symbols and battle ensues. Arrithis and Tanner seem to hold their own, until they find that they have used most of their special healing and spells in previous battles. Arrithis falls in combat. Tanner remembering his success with sanctuary with Corymr in the caves, performs the same maneuvers and allows Arrthis to revive. Unfortunately, the grimlocks are able to hit Arrithis again and he collapses to the ground with no way for Tanner to revive him. Tanner works to finish off the grimlocks and almost dies himself in the combat.

Tanner heals Arrithis to just the edge of death and the group decides to take the risk and sleep in the area, trying to regain favor with their gods. They luckily are able to sleep and proceed through the area. They find a large cavern and while exploring run into zombies that appeared to be controlled by a wight. Arrithis, again takes the vanguard as Tanner channels energy to fight the undead. The wight is able to touch Arrithis, draining energy from him and empowering the wight. Arrithis’ god gives him favor and helps him smite the evil wight. The wight is quickly destroyed by Arrithis and Tanner working in tandem with their gods.

They decide to explore the room where they find an evil altar with the same symbol as the grimlocks. There is also a bowl of murky liquid and a chalice. Tanner decides that he’d like to have a sample of the liquid and trys to fill a waterskin without touching the liquid. Unfortunately, he drops the waterskin and instinctively reaches into the liquid to grab his waterskin. When he removes his hand, the skin is partially gone showing muscles and bones. He wraps his hand and the group leaves the area out an exit that mysteriously opens near the Land Farmstead.

They debate whether to go back to Daggerford or finish exploring the area, as they feel that their may be the Land family bones within the cave. We’ll find out next week what they decide to do…

Paybacks to Kullen and friends!
Episode 3

The party awakens in the cairn and Korrh and Bose slumber past the time of waking. Korrh resists waking up and Tanner, Corymr, and Arrithis decide to forage for food and spell craft items. They leave the cairn and head north to look for food. Tanner hunts for any animals or game that could be hunted without success. Corymr locates a cave that has various mushrooms that interest him as well as Arrithis. They enter the cave trying to find more mushrooms and find mysterious tracks going into the cave. After following the trail, they enter a room with orange glowing stones.

While investigating the stones, they are attacked by drakes in the cavern. Tanner and Corymr are able to scramble to high ground prior to the attack, unfortunately Arrithis is trapped below. Battle ensues and Arrithis is vastly outnumbered with Tanner trying to heal him while fighting and Corymr decides to go down and help his companion on the low ground. Corymr is quickly flanked and sprayed with orange acidic liquid and falls in battle. Rage and sense of loyalty overwhelms Arrithis and he fights with renewed fury. Meanwhile, Tanner casts a spell of sanctuary around Corymr and channels positive energy to revive Corymr. This allows corymr to arise without any attacks by the drakes and together fighting as one are able to kill the drakes.

Tanner collects the blood of the drakes, and the group breaks some of the glowing stone and returns to their friends in the cairn. While returning to the cairn they see another set of adventurers from a distance searching as well for something. However, when the group returns outside, the other adventurers are no where to be seen.

The group with Korrh and Bose, travel back into the cairn decide to explore the wind corridor with the face. They pass through the mouth of the face, leaving Korrh to guard the entrance and walk across a wooden beam over a pit filled with metal cannonballs. Approximately half way across the beam, metal cannonballs shoot across the room hitting several of them and knocking them to the ground. A large grick appears and is quickly destroyed by the party with relative ease. They hear a childish voice taunting them and giggling throughout there trials in this room.

Korrh suddenly moves into the room and talks in a dialect that is not his own, but is spoken in common. He speaks of his silly adventure into this very room and being killed in the trap and cursed to stay within the room until his bones are reunited with his family. He also speaks of great room past the door at the far end of the room and his willingness to open the door if they place his bones back with his family.

The group quickly figures out that Korrh had been taken over by some outside force and asked the being to show himself and go through the door to prove he would be able to do so. Alastor Land appeared out of Korrhs body with his ghostly form and proved he would go through the wall. The party found his bones in the pit and left the cairn following his directions to the farmstead.

Once at the Land farmstead, they found 3 graves dug up and tracks showing it was recently done and one person did not return with the grave robbers when they left the area. The party followed the tracks up to the farmhouse where they found a mother owlbear who attacked immediately as she was protecting her only cub remaining. The party found a human arm with tattoo that was identical to Kullen’s forehead tattoos. The group decided to return to the Feral Dog to talk with Kullen. Corymr befriended the baby owlbear and took him with him.

At the Feral Dog, Kullen and his lackey’s were in a foul mood and were voicing their upset with both Filge as well as their boss, Balabar Smenk. Bose, Arrithis, Corymr and Tanner tried to befriend them for information and found that they did infact remove the bones from the farmstead for the necromancer, Filge. They also reported they helped him move in and that he had an illusion to hide his worshop in the observatory. After all the information was obtained, Bose sang a song that lulled some of Kullen’s group and he attempted to steal the wizard’s spellbook. Unfortunately, he was seen by Kullen. Before the group could react, Bose cast a sleep spell that put three of the four asleep and they were quickly dispatched by the party. They decided to return to their respective rooms, inns, etc. and would meet in the morning to visit Filge.

Filge and the Whispering Cairn
Episode 2

The adventurer’s stood at the door of the Old Observatory with light blazing in the night. A brief discussion occurred between the new inhabitant of the Observatory (Filge) and the party. Attempts at getting Filge to come out from behind the door was unsuccessful and Korrh opened the door for Filge, breaking the wooden door down. The group quickly found out that Filge, the necromancer had skeleton guards and was powerful in his own right.

Briefly in the battle, one skeleton was destroyed, but Filge showed his true powers by paralysing Bose with a ghouling touch of his hand. Bose’s colleagues vomiting from the stench. Filge warned the party to leave his house and Korrh picked up Bose and everyone left the house, defeated and angry.

They proceed to the Feral Dog and meet up with Tirra again as well as her colleague who are playing darts. Bose had awoken en route and was so disgusting, he jumped in a small pond behind the Feral Dog to wash off the stench. Korrh, Bose, and Cormyr challenge Tirra and her friend to darts and after initial victory, they lose their money to Tirra and her friend. Kullen is no where to be found and the party rests for the night in their respective housing.

The next morning the party returns to the Observatory and uses an untraditional entrance through the 3rd story balcony with grappling hook and rope. Korrh had some difficulty climbing the rope but was able to finally scamper up the rope. They find the observatory is unnaturally clean and kept. No one is within the observatory. They explore the cellar below the steps and find a small tomb mote that was quickly dispatched. Filge was no where to be found.

The party decided to find a map to the Whispering Cairn from the cartographer’s office. The cartographer, a small gnome with hoarding traits was able to give them the map they were looking to obtain. They proceeded to the whispering cairn.

The group went through the cairn and defeated wolves and explored the tomb within the cairn. After quickly lighting all the lanterns available and spinning the tomb an elevator opened. After Korrh signed his will and testament and gave it to Arrithis, he disappeared down an arcane elevator. Another turn of the sarcophagus causes the floor to collapse under one of the lanterns. When the collapsed floor of the room stops, there is a sound of multiple clicking coming up the collapsed area. Quick thinking by Bose and Tanner, oil was poured down the hole by Bose and with a spark spell from Tanner, it destroyed millions of beetles trying to attack the group. Tanner then fell quickly to an aberration that was not destroyed by the burning oil, their only man of the cloth with divine abilities for massive healing. Arrithis, Cormyr, and Bose took on the aberration with decisiveness and destroy the aberration prior to Korrh rejoining the group.

Tanner was stabilized and healed and the group descended down the elevator that Korrh had taken earlier. Astute observation of the room located a pressure plate and it was disabled, saving the group for unknown damage from the trap. They proceeded down the passage to find another aberration that was dispatched quickly after scaring Cormyr who fled from the area until it was destroyed. The group felt that a rest was needed, and returned to the initial room that the elevator brought them to this level. A stone was placed in front of the hallway and the group takes a must needed rest.

Bose Phosgate and his new band, The Vigilantes
Episode 1

Well the Evening was filled with laughs and merriment …and maybe a little bit of boozing it up. We discovered some interesting tales of empty mines and some not to kind employers who like they’re profits more than their employee’s. I fine elven lass sat and drank spirits and quickly found our band joining her table to help the lass out in consuming some fine spirits. A blundering Half-Orc found himself bumping into folks to much and was forgiven by our most kind and wise companion due to his obvious inability to walk straight. It was quickly discovered it was obviously due to a balance issue he suffered from …that being an overfilled coin purse. We helped the poor fellow out and even cleaned him up of some note that had been stuck to him fearing he had been tagged for a “KICK ME” prank…but to our relief it was an innocent mistake of placement and we saw fit to try to find and return the note too its original owner. As we left the pub and made our way to find this note-maker we were greeted by some of the Half-orc’s companions. They greeted us but felt that their Half-orc companion should not have been relieved of his balance issues without a consultation. His companions obviously did not have his best interests at heart as we did! After a short session of “heated negotiation” they felt they should return to the Half-orc with the a reply gift and a message of thanks.

The merry band had to head out and left two gift wrapped (white elephant) tokens of appreciation for the brief visit for all to know our calling to give back to the community. Bose continues on too their rendezvous with fortune, his new band “The Vigilantes” providing entertainment and creating new stories to be shared at many a shanty or fine inn.

Who will this bard band next be able to entertain?

Where can we they go to provide their community more aid and achieve profitable deeds?

Be-warned you stalkers of the shadow’s and alleyways, those who would seek profit from the weak. We will liberate you of your misdeeds and ill gotten gains to re-distribute the wealth back to those who seek good fortunes and peaceful lives of their communities. We know that they will sleep better each night knowing there are others out their ensuring they live more prosperous lives.



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