Daggerford Highlights

Mine Managers:
—Ragnolin Dourstone: Appears to be one of Daggerford’s more responsible mine managers
—Ellival Moonmeadow: Avid dragonchess player that is a well-dressed blond elf that is known to rarely talk with humans.
—Chaum Gansworth: Quiet, young, and reclusive manager who commonly eats at the Rusty Bucket.
—Luzane Parrin: She inherited her family’s claim on three mines outside Daggerford when her mother, the influential Millicent Parrin, died one ago from a sickness called the Red Death. Only 17 at the time, Luzane grew up fast, adapting to Daggerford politics with comfort.
—Balabar Smenk: Ruthless mine manager that is known to have 4 thugs working for him patrolling streets around his home and frequenting The Feral Dog.
—Gelch Tilgast: He held the reins of Daggerford’s ore trade, a position he’d enjoyed most of his life. Then Balabar Smenk and his boundless ambition came to town. In his youth, Tilgast would have relished the challenge, but he didn’t move fast enough to block Smenk’s ascent, which has led directly to his own decline.

Town Sage:
Allustan: (human male) The “smartest man in town,” a friendly wizard who dwells within a charming red and deep blue house on one of the rare stretches of healthy grass in all of Daggerford. Known to be curious about all things unique.

The Emporium
Owner: Zalamandra (human female)
Cashier: Gaspar (human male)
Bouncer: Kurlag (half-ogre male)
Magician: Ariello Klint (halfling male)
Fortune Teller: Chezabet (human female)
Description: Every week, hundreds of miners boil up from the depths, their pockets lined with freshly earned coin. The Emporium exists to separate the men from the money, and at this it is paramount among Daggerford’s diverse businesses. This is a gambling hall, whore house, freak show, entertainment club. (Think Vegas in Daggerford).

Lazare’s House
Owner: Lazare (human male)
Owner’s Daughter: Dannath (human female)
Description: Those seeking a relatively cultured nightspot often congregate at Lazare’s House, a cozy gaming parlor situated on the Vein’s central square.

The Feral Dog
Frequent Patrons: Kullen (half-orc male)
Description: Since both Lazare’s and the Emporium charge a small fee for entry, Daggerford’s poorest laborers must turn to a collection of run-down ale halls with more sullied reputations. The busiest by far is the Feral Dog, a sleazy tavern on the Vein’s central square. Every night and especially when the workforces of several local mines let out at the same time, cheering laborers within the bar scream obscenities and wave betting vouchers over two dogs in a lethal pit fight. No one savors the tinny ale, but the place is more about camaraderie, bravado, and desperation than about expecting exemplary quality or service.

General Store
Owner: Taggin (human male)
Supplies: All common adventuring items
Description: Running a successful business in Daggerford means avoiding entanglements with the constantly maneuvering mine managers and scrupulously avoiding favoritism (real or perceived).

Jalek’s Flophouse
Owner: Jalek (halfling male)
Manager: Golot (half-orc male)
Description: When the river turned foul, Daggerford’s modest fishing industry fled the town, leaving a wake of empty ware­houses and bankrupted fishers. Some of these warehouses became stockades for mine managers, packed with raw ore and letters of credit from Waterdeep and beyond. Others fell to ruin and became infested with squatters and addicts. Jalek’s Flophouse, situated on Front Street within smelling distance of the river, is the town’s most famous warehouse, as it houses nearly a hundred pitiful indigents fighting off destitution with a handful of copper. A rotting wooden framework within supports a lurching, mazelike second floor, where every step brings an alarming creak and the walls thrum with muffled conversation. Lodging is 5 cop­pers a night.

Captain: Sherlen Spearslayer
Description: Centuries ago, long before the founda­tion of Waterdeep, a petty lord com­manded the shores of the river and the nearby iron ore and silver mines from
a sturdy hilltop keep. Today, the refur­bished ruin of that keep serves as home to more than 60 members of Waterdeep Militia, soldiers tasked with patrolling the northern hills, keeping watch over the lizardfolk-infested Mistmarsh to the south, and liaising with halfling, gnome, and dwarf communities in the region.

The Midnight Salute
Owner: Constance Grace (human female)
Description: This by-the-numbers house of ill repute caters to the garrison crowd and anyone seeking a less exotic (and less expen­sive) experience than that offered by the Emporium’s legendary Veiled Corridor

The Spinning Giant
Owner: Corla (elven female)
Description: When not drilling, sleeping, or on patrol, garrison soldiers flock to this raucous two- story tavern to meet with friends, chant drinking songs, and drown themselves in ale and good cheer. A blue-shingled roof tops filthy white plaster walls. A faded fresco painted on the building’s face depicts a dancing imbecilic hill giant in a yellow dress. Patrons must enter and exit via a door positioned between the giant’s legs.

The Captain’s Blade
Owner: Tyrol Ebberly (human male)
Description: The owner is a severe-looking man who claims to have once been a watch captain in Waterdeep, runs this small shop with efficiency. He’s an absolute fanatic about weapons, always showing off his masterwork items with enthusiasm.

Owner: Venelle (human female)
Description: A redolence of fresh pine suffuses this handsome establishment, a distinctive structure that incorporates intricate carved patterns and upright logs. The proprietor, who is known to deal with archery items.

Greysmere Covenant:
Delegate: Dulok Blitzhame (dwarf male)
Description: Three prominent representatives of the dwarven stronghold of Greysmere, many days to the south across the treacherous Mistmarsh, live in this sturdy brick and timber structure. Greysmere imports some of the raw iron ore unearthed by local humans, as it bears a color prized by the most skilled artisans and met­alworkers of the dwarven clans.

Osgood Smithy
Owner: Manlin Osgood (human male)
Description: a regional sign of quality power­ful enough that lesser blacksmiths in neighboring communities often forge it to maintain competitive parity. Osgood and his team of seven apprentices and journeyman smiths specialize in masterwork armor and household items like canteens, canisters, tools, and the like.

Old Observatory
Owner: Filge (male human)
Description: This crumbling abandoned observatory once housed an order of monks obsessed with the heavenly bodies of the nighttime sky. Now it houses a constantly rotating group of unusual tenants. Current tenant is a recluse man, rarely seen outside the observatory.

Daggerford Highlights

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